Why we should never be too old to learn new tricks

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Getting out of the routine, seeking new knowledge and experiences to open our mind and refresh our thinking is a worthwhile investment and essential to keeping us at the top of our game.

I was talking with a young hotel manager the other day who had just spent a lot of his hard earned money on a very expensive degustation dinner. It was great to hear him speak about the experience and learn what he had taken from it.  At an operational level I can see new and exciting ideas being implemented as a result of the investment being made in himself. He is certainly growing and adding value.

This reminded me of a study comparing capabilities of young doctors against older doctors that I read about. The results showed that the younger doctors produced better outcomes because having just completed their studies, they sought and were more open to taking on new ideas and applying them in their practice. The older doctors, on the other hand, were more set in their ways and less open to new techniques and practices which dimished their effectiveness.

So where are you in this? A young “doctor” seeking to learn and apply the most upto date practises or are you an older practitioner slowly but surely falling behind and becoming less effective?

When last did you open yourself to new learning?

When last did you encourage those around you to get out and see different things?

It is a reminder that we have to continually challenge application of skills and knowledge to ensure retention of capabilities and growth as opposed to encouraging entropy and loss of capacity.


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