Looking for the answer? Trust yourself

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How often do we spend time and energy looking for the better answer, when if we trusted ourselves we would find we already knew what it was?

I was talking with somone the other day, lets call him John, he showed me a model of leadership that he had found from a famous basketball coach. This was his current focus and a new model to try from many models and methods that he had worked with previously. He also had a copy of another book on his desk to read with yet another approach to leadership. He was searhcing.

As I walked away after talking with John, my reflection was that he was so busy looking for “the right way” that he was perhaps not seeing that the answer was already there, sitting not in front of him, but within him. One key element missing was the trust in himself – trust in his capabilities and knowledge.

Timothy Gallwey in his book the Inner Game of Work talks about this; he draws a triangle with the 3 points  – Awareness, Choice and Trust. He states

“Experience with the three principles – awareness, choice, and trust – showed that they were inextricably connected. They were three parts of a whole. Awareness was about knowing the present situation with clarity. Choice was about moving in a desired direction. And Trust in one’s own inner reosurces was the essential link that enables movement.”

We talk a lot about trusting others, but we have to first trust ourselves.


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