Are you above or below the line?

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“Too many CEOs are in the habit of offering excuses for their performance instead of admitting ownership of the problem and fixing it.”

This is the sub heading of an article by economic commentator Michael Pascoe in the Sydney Morning Herald.


It is a good read making an argument that some business are using the current economic situation to make excuses for their poor performance rather than owning it and doing something about it. It is also the perfect illustration of what is at the heart of coaching – taking responsibility and ownership for your own thinking and behaviour. This is illustrated in a simple model



So where do you sit? Where does your team sit? Are you above the line with a can do attitude and delivering? Or are you sitting below the line giving yourself and others “reasonable reasons” for not meeting your committments?

We are all human and can be guilty of going below the line, whilst its not always easy, the important thing is to make it a short visit, not to dwell there.

To coach a person successfully they have to be above the line. If they are stuck below we start by helping them view the situation differently and from this challenge their thinking which in turn gets them doing things differently. Once this change is made people start to see the systems and relationships they have around as useful resources rather than a source of blame.

So where do you sit?

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