What are you feeling?

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By recognising our feelings and what triggers them,  we can change our reactions to certain situations and create different outcomes.

I attended a presentation given by Cindy Wigglesworth about spiritual intelligence and the assessment tool SQ 21, 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, that she has developed.

SQ is the next step after EQ or emotional intelligence that is proceeded by developing our knowledge or IQ and before that or focus is mastering of bodies and growing physical intelligence.

It was a fascinating talk, and whilst some may raise their eyebrows the writing on the importance of spirituality as part of our lives is not new for example Covey in the 7 habits and Tony Shwartz in  The Way we’re Working is not Working.

The takeaway for me was that I need to be more aware of my emotions and feelings, and to this end I am now constantly asking myself throughout the day “what am I feeling?”.

It has been an interesting and revealing exercise and not an easy one. Not easy from two perspectives:

1. finding the words to accurately describe my feelings,  and

2. to admit to myself that I am experiencing some feelings that I would prefer not to acknowledge such as fear, jealously and anger.

Why bother doing this?  By recognising our feelings and what triggers them, we can change our reactions to certain situations and create different outcomes.

Some of the questions I am asking myself:

  • What am I responding to?
  • How does my response affect my thinking about the situation and other people?
  • How does it affect my behaviour?
  • What negative impact does my behaviour have on outcomes?
  • What thinking and behaviour would provide better outcomes?
  • How will I recognise those feelings next time?
  • What will I do to change my response?

As you can see there are lots of questions.

Try charting your feelings and emotions for a week or two and ask yourself your own questions.

Already by being more aware of my feelings I can feel myself making subtle changes in certain situations. For one, I am no longer in such a hurry to get to the front of the queue from fear of missing out!

If you want to know more about Cindy Wigglesworth follow this link http://www.deepchange.com/

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